A very important responsibility we have as educators is to stay current with modern educational trends and new techniques and methods for teaching.  However, this training is not only for the teachers. Often times principals and school leaders need training too! 🙂
This last weekend I had the opportunity to participate in a worldwide training program for international school leaders from around the world.  I, along with 41 other principals and leaders from various schools got together for a formal training seminar.
This was a wonderful event in which the school leaders learned how to work in teams, how to be a better leader and principal and share and collaborate with educators from around the globe.
It was a very informative and educational program which I will participate with on an ongoing basis.  While it is hard for me to leave the school and family, of which I miss while I am gone, these various events that I participate in, I am always able to come back with new and exciting knowledge to share with our staff.
学園長 ケン ゲール