Weekly Online Lessons Feedback オンラインレッスン内容報告

May 23th 2020523

Saturday School: サタデスクールコース



Saturday – Kinder Basic

Thank you for a fun week. This week was a lot of fun, because we started a new unit. The Sam’sMagic House story continued, and we learned some new words, including “beetle, bat, bird, fox, frog, duck, otter, bear, wild boar, and deer.” We watched a funny story where brother takes Anna’s wand, and makes all the animals appear on the bed! Oh no! We also played a hide and seek game with the animals. We used phrases like “in the kitchen” and “in the living room.” We also learned new phonics letters this week! We learned the letters “Dd dog, Nn newt, Oo otter, Ss snake, and Gg grape juice.” We practiced saying the sounds and tried writing the letters by ourselves. We also sang a lot of fun songs, including “Hopping Skipping Song,” and “I See Something Pink.” Thanks for the great week! Kori and Lucas


楽しい一日をありがとうございます。今回は新しいユニットを始めました。「Sa’s Magic House」の話は続け、「カブトムシ、コウモリ、鳥、キツネ、カエル、アヒル、カワウソ、クマ、イノシシ、シカ」などの新しい単語を学びました。アンナの弟が杖を使って色々な動物をベッドに登場させるという面白い話を見ました!また、動物たちと一緒になってかくれんぼをして、「キッチン、リビング」などの言葉を使用しました。今週は新しいフォニックスも学びました! 「Dd dogNn newtOo otterSs snakeGg grape juice」を学びました。発音の仕方を練習してから、自分で文字を書いてみました。 「ホッピング・スキッピング・ソング」や「アイ・サムシング・ピンク」など楽しい歌もたくさん歌いました。今週も参加してくれてありがとうございました!


Saturday – Kinder Upper

We had a great lesson today- starting a new unit and learning some new vocabulary about breakfast foods, farm animals and rooms in the home.  Our new letters for phonics are C, D, G, N, O and S.  We completed page 18 in our textbooks and practised counting from 1 to 10.  We also read aloud and wrote the sight words “Have some candy”.  We played a game about farm animals and the sounds they make- Eric is very good at making very realistic animal sounds!  After lunch we did more work with our new phonics letters and vocabulary, as well as taking a tour of Eric’s house.  We finished up with the story of Joxey Foxey.  Thank you for joining us, please have a safe week and see you all next Saturday.  -Eric and Emily


今日もまた素晴らしいレッスンとなりました。新しいユニットを開始し、朝食の時に食べるもの、家畜、家の部屋、にまつわる新しい語彙を学びました。フォニックスはCDGNOS です。教科書18ページを完成させ、1から10まで数えて練習しました。また、声に出して読んだり「Have some candy」と書いたりしました。家畜とその動物の鳴き声のゲームをしました。エリック講師がとってもリアルな動物の鳴き声を出すのが大得意でしたね!昼食後は、新しいフォニックスのアルファベットと語彙を使って練習をし、その後、エリック講師の家のツアーに参加しました。「Joxey Foxy」の物語を読みました。今週もご参加いただきありがとうございます。安全な1週間をお過ごしください。来週の土曜日にお会いしましょう。


Saturday – Elementary Basic

Thank you for joining us for another week! Today we went through what our daily routine is like and Jackie took us through her routine. We also went through actions and focused on “-ing” verbs, we studied animals that fly, swim, walk and jump, and looked at some videos of animals moving in different ways. We also practiced writing out the verbs, everyone has very neat handwriting! We practiced drilling our vocabulary and key phrases of “What’s this?” “It’s a —” , “what are they doing?” “They are —” through drawing out the animals in the various poses, as well as doing some yoga to further solidify some of our key phrases and vocab, “can you do it?” “yes I can!”. Finally, we took at a look at everyone’s backpacks and what was inside them, so that everyone is ready for when they go back to school. We focused on the prepositions “on” and “in” so that they’re  able to talk about their belongings. Thank you again, and we’ll see you next time! Stay safe! Nadia and Jackie


今回もご参加いただきありがとうございます!今回は、我々の毎日のルーチンがどのようなものかを体験し、ジャッキー講師が彼女のルーチンを通してあれこれ見せてくれました。また、アクションをして「-ing」動詞の習得をし、飛ぶ、泳ぐ、歩く、ジャンプする動物達のビデオを観ました。さらに動詞の書き方も練習しました。「What’s this?これは何?」[It’s a __ それはです」「What’s are they doing? 彼らは何をしているのですか?」 「They are ___ 彼らは」というやり取りのドリル練習をしました。 「Can you do it? これができますか?」 「Yes I can!]はい、できます!」と口頭練習しながら、さまざまなポーズで動物の名前を引き出しながらヨガを通してキーフレーズと語彙力をさらに固めました。最後に、リュックサックとその中には何が入っているかを調べて、学校に戻ったときのための準備をしました。前置詞「on オン」「in イン」を応用しながら、自分の所持品について話す練習をしました。今週もありがとうございます。またお会いしましょう!お元気で!



Saturday – Elementary Upper

We had another really fun class this week! We started off the day with our conversation practice by introducing different jobs and asking what they would like to do when they were older – we got so many interesting answers! Afterwards we talked about the weather and what they were wearing today. Then we introduced some new vocabulary and quizzed the students on things like jobs and places. We played a game by describing a place and asking the students to draw and write their answer.  After lunch we introduced new categories and questions for our fun quiz game and asked kids to share some show and tell of something they like. We also started a new unit in our workbook which focused on “What do they have?”. We also started to read a new story in our reader, though we will finish it next week! Then we finished off the day with one of our favorite games: I Spy! Matt and Carly


また楽しいクラスとなりました!今回は、さまざまな職業についてを話し、みなさんが年をとったときに何をしたいか、を考え答え合う、会話の練習で一日が始まりました。大変多くの面白い答えが返ってきましたよ!その後、天気と今日着ていたものについて話しました。次に、新しい語彙の導入をし、職業や場所などについてのクイズを出しました。場所を説明し、答えを絵に描いて書いてもらうゲームもしました。昼食後は、新しいカテゴリーを紹介し、みんなに好きなことを共有してもらうクイズも行いました。また、「何を持っている?」をテーマにワークブックで新しいユニットを開始しました。新しい物語も読み始めました。来週は完読となります!最後は、みんなのお気に入りのひとつ、「I Spy___」で一日を終えました。


Saturday – Advanced

We had another fun class today! We were joined with Ian and we did some amazing activities! We started with our daily stretching and we asked random questions to each other and we started with writing the date and day! We also discussed Victor’s birthday celebration by reading the story and identifying all the things we could see in Victor’s home and how he celebrates his birthday! We showed them a video of how kids celebrate birthdays/ the food they eat during their birthday around the world! The kids were engaged when we asked them how they celebrate their birthdays. We also learned what is a noun and the difference between a common noun and proper noun. We did a whiteboard activity wherein they have to give samples of a place, thing or person and differentiate what’s a common and proper noun. We also did writing and answering on page 1.13,15,17 and 18 on the practice book. And onto the last part of the class we did a jungle adventure wherein they have to help Christy find Mr. Bear in the foggy forest! Everyone was really engaging and helping out! 

Christy and Ian