Yay it’s December, which can mean only 1 thing. It’s Christmas time, let’s have fun with preschool and get our school ready for Christmas.


Let’s decorate our Christmas tree. What decorations can you see in the tree?


We can see beautiful baubles. It was great to hear them ask, “pink one please.” “I have a bauble.”

様々な色のボールの飾りがありました。”ピンク プリーズ” ”ボールの飾りを持ってるよ” と、みんな上手に先生と飾りつけができました。

Next let’s put some presents under the tree. Wow there are so many. I wonder what they are? Can you guess?


It’s going to be a great Christmas here at Takinomizu, we are looking forward to spending it with you.


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