Today is September 1st, which in Japan means Disaster Prevention Day. A recent study, showed that less than 6% of families are thoroughly prepared for a disaster.

今日は9月1日は防災の日です。 最近の研究によると6%未満の家庭しか十分に災害に対しての備えができていないようです。(下記サイト参照)

Here at Takinomizu we take disaster prevention very seriously and have drills every month. This is to ensure our students and staff, know exactly what to do and can remain calm and be less scared.


We all know that during an Earthquake, the best place to go is under something heavy like a table, to protect our heads.

地震が起こっている間は、頭を守るには テーブルのような重たい物の下に入るのが一番です。

We know that if there is not a table near by we can cover our heads with our hands. If we are in the bathroom, the teachers can cover with a mat. Where should you go when you are at home?




When the shaking has stopped we need to listen carefully to the teachers and if necessary evacuate safely outside. We need to line up nicely and remain quiet.



However, during a fire, it is different. We need to evacuate the building quickly and call the fire department.  What is the number for the fire department? It’s 119, which is very easy to remember.

しかし、火事の場合は違います。 建物から素早く避難して消防署に連絡します。

消防署の電話番号は何番でしょうか? 119番です。とても覚えやすいですね。

When there is a fire, we need to make sure our noses and mouths are covered so that we don’t inhale any of the smoke as that is dangerous for our lungs.





Same as during an earthquake we need to listen carefully to our teachers and stay away from the building. If possible an adult can put the fire out with the water.




We encourage you to check all of these measures with your children at home, so that everyone can stay safe. Ask your son or daughter, where is best to hide in an earthquake. Check to see if they know how to leave the house safely when there is an fire.




We want everyone to be prepared for any disaster that might happen and to make it a less scary experience for all involved.




Stay safe, from the Takinomizu team.

”ご安全に” 滝ノ水チームより。

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