Fun English is the first step in the Happy Valley series for Kindergarten aged students. We love learning about Pinka and Kinka’s adventure, we can read their adventures in our books.

アフタースクール幼児クラスでは、Happy Valleyというテキストを使用しています。ピンカとキンカの冒険を通して英語を学びます。

Kinka and Pinka love singing songs, which is a fantastic way for students to learn. We always hear them singing when doing activities around the classroom. This month we are singing heads, shoulders, knees and toes. “Where are your toes? They are here.”


Kinka loves to sing the alphabet and we love to follow along with our fingers and sing really loud.


When learning phonics we listen to chants, sing along and then find the correct picture to match with the correct letter.


Happy Valley is a great way to learn English as it is always a lot of fun.

Happy Valleyなら楽しみながら英語を学べますよ。