Today for Jobtopia we had fun trying out two different jobs: Pilots and Youtubers! First we started with Pilots by making and decorating our own craft airplanes.


After we looked at what it is like to be a Youtuber. We saw different types of Youtube videos (animation, dancing, etc.) and learned about a typical day in the life of a Youtuber. After we made our own “Youtube channel” and showed them off.


Our second activity had us “flying” to different airports around the world, individually and also as teams! Great teamwork everybody!



For our final activity we did three different challenges. A Water bottle flipping challenge, a dance challenge and finally a mannequin challenge (not moving).


Water bottle flipping challengeWater bottle flipping challenge

Water bottle flipping challenge

Dance challenge!

Blinding lightsの歌でダンスチャレンジ!

The kids had a lot of fun trying all three and did well at it! Great Job everybody!

最後の3つのチャレンジはとても盛り上がりました!Great Job!