Hello from Takinomizu Saturday Kinder class. Today we decided to make beautiful pumpkin suncatchers for our classroom. How do we make it?


We have to rip the orange tissue paper into small shapes, it was easy and fun to rip the paper.


Then we have to glue the paper onto the sheet,

wow the glue is so sticky.


Next, we have to put the eyes, nose and mouth. We heard lots of students say “it’s scary”, “it’s cool”. 

目、鼻、口をつけおばけかぼちゃの出来上がり! みんな口々に“it’s scary”, “it’s cool”と言っていました。

Wow look at our pumpkins, we did such a great job.


We can’t wait until next week, when we will see all their beautiful costumes and decorations. Halloween is coming!!!!!!