In September, we learnt all about posting letters and receiving letters. We checked our postbox daily to see if there were letters inside.


Some days we were super lucky and we had post from different countries. Let’s check the stamp to find out. We loved seeing all the different stamps from around the world.


Let’s check and see what is inside our envelope. It is a beautiful letter from our friends around the world.


Some days we weren’t so lucky. When we had no post the students would shout “Oh No!”

手紙が届かない日が続くと子どもたちはがっかりし、口々に”Oh no!”と言っていました。

When we received a letter, we wrote back to say Thank-You. Look at them all writing so carefully and drawing beautiful pictures.


Lastly, we walked to the post box to post our Thank-You letters. It was a lot of fun learning to be postal workers and to check our postbox.


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