Today we were called again by Detective Chase to help solve a mystery. This time there is a missing key at the zoo. Who could possibly have taken the key? Let’s find out together.



First we have to make a pouch for our magnifying glasses to help us inspect the polar bears cage.


Wow we can see really small footprints, we found 14 in total, and not just polar bear footprint but human too!!!!!!


Then we went to the snake enclosure, we suspect the person tried to run through here on their escape from us. We found a white hair in the enclousure. Hmmmm who could it be from?


Lastly we went to the Bird House, as Tina found a suspicious pooh, ewwwww stinky!!!!! Let’s match the pooh to the animals and find out who’s pooh it is.


Yay, from all the clues we found, we know that the person who took the key was Patty the Polar Bear Fan.


Great job, everyone! ミステリーを解決してくれてありがとう。