Today we were called again by Detective Chase to help solve a mystery. This time someone has stolen the cotton candy machine, who could it be??????


今回は誰かが綿あめ機を盗んだというものでした。 いったい誰が!?

First we need to make our detectives watch to help us catch the suspect when we find them.


Next we need to test our watches at the shooting gallery, wow some of you are really great at hitting the targets. Whilst here we found some cotton candy with a white hand print!!!!! Whose could it be????



ここでは、白い手形がついた綿あめも見つけました! 誰のでしょう!?

Afterwards, let’s go to the fun-house and see if we can find another clue, but we have to crawl our way through these cardboard obstacles. Yay, we found the 2nd clue, a deck of cards with another hand print!!!



イェーイ! 2つ目の手がかり、手形のついたカードの束を見つけました。

Now, let’s go play on the haunted carousel to find the Skittles the CLown, she is our prime suspect.


Yay we found all the clues and they all point to Skittles the Clown, she stole the cotton candy machine as she loves it so much. We had such a fun time solving all of the mysteries. See you all next time.

イェーイ! ピエロのスキットルが犯人と示す証拠をすべて見つけました。

スキットルは、綿あめ機が大好きだったので 盗んでしまったのです。