Lil Scoutsの6月のマンスリープロジェクトへようこそ。今月のテーマは動物で、教室にジャングルを作っていこうと思います!

Welcome to June and a new monthly theme in the life of Little Scouts. This month we are going to learn all about animals, we are going to make a forest for our classroom.

まず初めに木を作ります。絵の具を凍らせたIce Paintで木の幹から塗っていきます!

The first thing we need to do is make the trees. Let’s start by using ice to paint trunks.

お子様達は指先を上手に使って冷たいIce Paintを楽しんでいます!

Wow, ice painting is super cool we had lots of fun using the ice to paint the tree trunks and our hands.


Next up, let’s make the leaves. Let’s scrunch some tissue paper to make the leaves.


This is not only a great activity to make leaves but it also allows the students to practice their fine motor skills.


The next part to our project is grass, let’s rip some paper and stick to the paper to make some cool looking grass.


Again this is great for their little hands to practice their ripping skills.

Little Scoutsみんなで、とってもよく頑張りましたね!講師達も次の作品が楽しみです!

Great Job Little Scouts. I wonder what we will do next time.

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