Weekly Online Lessons Feedback オンラインレッスン内容報告

Week 1 – April 25 2020年4月25日

Saturday School: サタデースクール


Saturday – Kinder Basic サタデー園児Basic

  • What an amazing second week everybody! Everybody did a great job in remembering the material from last week and learning the new material. This week during music and movement, we sang the hello song, counting to 10 song, hello how are you song, a rainbow song, baby shark, the stretching song, and I see the color blue song. We reviewed the days of the week, months of the year, and weather. We also read more of the book, Sam’s Magic House. All the students did a great job reviewing the letters a, b, c, f, and t, and their respective phonetic sounds. Students practiced introducing themselves with their name and how they are feeling (ie, “I’m great/good/fine/hungry). Furthermore, we physically practiced Story TPR commands like “go to the bathroom.” We also identified where characters were. Ie: “Where’s Mommy?” “She’s in the kitchen.” Thanks again everybody, and enjoy your Golden Week! We look forward to seeing everybody in two weeks! -Sam & Lucas


今週はMusic and Movement の中で、「Hello Song」「Counting 10」「Hello, How Are You?」「Rainbow Song」「Baby Shark」「Streching Song」「Colour Blue Song」など盛りだくさん歌いました。

曜日、月、天気、を確認しました。「Sam’s Magic House」という本も読んでいます。全員、a、b、c、f、tの文字とそれぞれの音声を復習、自分の名前と気持ちを述べて自己紹介する練習をしました(「私は元気です/ご機嫌です/お腹がすいている、など)。

さらに「トイレに行く」などのTPRコマンド(身体を使って学ぶ方法)を練習しました。誰がどこにいるかを特定したしもしました。「ママはどこ?」 「台所にいます」など。

みなさん、ありがとうございました。ゴールデンウィークを元気にお過ごしください。 2週間後に、皆様にまたお会いできることを楽しみにしています!



Saturday – Kinder Upper サタデー園児Upper

  • We had a fun and action-packed second week of school.  We learned more about insects, locations, and letters A, B, C, F, and T.  We also practised feelings and everyone was so good at showing their happy faces and answering “How are you?”.  We played our finding colors game and it was so much fun to see all the things you found to share.  Our new sight words are: This is my cup.  We also read the story “Big Bear, Small Bear”.  Thanks so much for joining us and we hope to see you again next week!  -Eric and Emily


虫、場所、A・B・C・F・Tの文字について詳しく学びました。感情の言葉も練習しましたが、みんな嬉しそうな顔で「How are you? 元気ですか?」と上手に答えてくれました。


新しいSight Wordは This is my cup です。「Big Bear, Small Bear 」のストーリーも読みます。




Saturday – Elementary Basic サタデー小学生Basic

  • It was so good to see everyone again this week! I’m glad you’re all doing well and were able to join us for the second week. This week we went over our numbers from one-twenty, and had to save Jackie from the evil numbers wizard by solving his maths sums. We also had the coloured pencil bandit pay a visit and steal all our pencils! So we had to ask nicely to get them back so we could draw our pictures. Then, we had our show and tell where we had to find objects beginning with the letters C, J, P, H, N, everyone had really interesting things to show so thank you! Next up was our spelling game, and the pesky alligator stole our beginning letters, so everyone had to help us find the right letter. Lastly, Jackie read the story Brown Bear Brown Bear for us. Thank you all for joining us this week and we look forward to seeing you next time! Enjoy your Golden Week! Nadia and Jackie





最後に、ジャッキー講師が「Brown Bear, Brown Bear」の物語を読みました。




Saturday – Elementary Upper サタデー小学生Upper

  • It was great to see everyone back again today! We started off the day with more introductions and conversation practice – with questions like ”How are you?” and ”What did you do this week?”. We also took a look at the weather in different places around the world and compared it to the weather at home! We continued our phonics review with some letters of the alphabet and we practiced reading our story in our Think Read Write textbook. After that we played a listening game by describing some animals and objects without pictures and then having the kids try to guess what each was by drawing them. We also used this as a good writing challenge to spell the words. After lunch we had show and tell by encouraging the kids to talk about something they liked within their house. We also revisited our reading and writing game from last week – where the kids had to choose a question from different categories for everybody to answer. Before finishing for the day we also practiced writing our very own story by letting the students choose the outcome and then writing it together! – Matt and Carly



「How are you?」「What did you do this week?今週何をしましたか?」の質問を交えながら、より多くの自己紹介と会話の練習から始まりました。


フォニックスではアルファベットのいくつかを復習し、Think Read Writeのテキストで物語を読む練習をしました。その後、絵のない動物やアイテムについて説明し、絵を描いてそれぞれが何であるかを推測させるという、リスニングゲームを楽しみました。また、ライティングの時間ではこのゲームを使ってスペリングのチャレンジとして使用しました。





Saturday – Advanced サタデー小学生Advanced

  • It was great seeing everyone back today! We started our day with another stretching song on the beach and everyone was loving it! We discussed differences of families around the world, the different cultures, and the things different families do around the world! We watched a video of a family who lived in a very unconventional place… a boat! Everyone was really intrigued, and we could have a nice conversation about it! Good job to everyone! The kids took turns reading a book about a crazy cat dance and they all were able to share their scary roars! We also played Doraemon’s door again and this time they were very excited about choosing the destinations. Christy was especially interested that they sent her to zombie land! For book work and writing we deal with the difference of singular and plural nouns. We also enjoyed a spelling game in which they had to memorize words and write them in their notebooks! Today was really fun and everyone was great!  Enjoy your Golden Week holiday, even if it’s at home! –  Mike and Christy



Crazy Cat Dance の本を順番に読み、怖い轟音を共有しました。また、「ドラえもんのドア」のゲームをしましたが、今回は目的地を選ぶことに非常に興奮していました。クリスティ講師は、彼女がゾンビの土地に送られたことを特に面白がってていましたよ!