Foundation class is now a quarter of the way through their 1st year of learning English at No Borders. They’ve had some challenges switching our brains from Japanese to English but by playing lots of games it has become a lot easier. 



It is wonderful to hear students ask for the circle game, a game where the flashcards are passed around the circle and they have to say the phonic a a a apple, b b b book for example, against the clock. They love to beat the clock and help their friends when they are stuck. 

フォニックス学習ではみんなで円になり、a a a appleなどフラッシュカードに書いてあるフォニックスとそのフォニックスから始まる単語を言い、フラッシュカードを回していくアクティビティーをよく行います。 



Sometimes we get confused and say b b b box instead of x x x box but with lots of practice we are getting better and better each time we play.  

x x x boxのフラッシュカードに対してboxはbから始まっているので、b b boxと混乱してしまう子がいたので、繰り返し練習をしました。


They always try their best to speak English in the class and we can ask the teachers “how to say …. in English?” We can’t wait to see how much you will progress in the coming months. 

みんな英語を話そうといつも頑張っています。英語でどのように言っていいかわからない時は”How to say…in English?”と質問をします。