We celebrated Setsubun with our preschool. Let’s listen to a story to find out more. Setsubun is the day before Spring arrives, according to the Japanese traditional calendar.


We throw beans at a demon called Oni to drive away the bad luck, but first we have to make the beans. Wow look at you all rolling the newspaper so well.

悪運を取り除くため、鬼に向けて豆まきをします。 まずはその豆を新聞紙で作りました。 まぁ、とても上手に新聞紙を丸めていますよ♪

Next let’s practice throwing beans at Oni and shouting “Oni Out”. You all had big voices, great job.


”Oni Out 鬼は~外!”とても大きな声が出ましたよ。

Oh no here comes the real demon, remember big voices and try to be strong. Some of our students were super strong.

まぁ、なんということでしょう! 本物の鬼がやってきました! 大きな声を出さなきゃと思い出し、とっても大きな声で頑張ったお子さまもいますよ。

Whilst others were super scared but it’s ok, the teachers are there to help you and keep you safe until you’re strong, maybe next year you’ll be stronger.