Today was the 4th and last day of the Music Camp here at No Borders. Today we are going to learn about all types of music from around the world. As always we start the day with some fun dances.

今日は、ノーボーダーズのスプリングコース ”ミュージックキャンプ”4日目でした。 今日は世界中のいろいろな種類の音楽を学びます。 前回と同じく楽しいダンスで始まりました。

First let’s make a drum, that we can play with our friends.


Now let’s create a drum circle and play different patterns that our friends can copy. Wow, we made a lot of noise.

缶に色々な飾り付けをしてドラムを作りましょう! どんな音が鳴るかな?!

For our last activity this morning let’s learn all about Tinikling a Filipino Dance, using toilet rolls that we can decorate and make into long sticks.


In the afternoon, we learnt about folk dances from South America and Denmark. Let’s dance together as a class.



We have had such a wonderful Spring Course here, it’s been an amazing journey learning about all the different types of music and dance from around the world. See you next time.