Hello Parents! With the weather getting colder, we are starting to feel the change in seasons. It’s very exciting to watch the beautiful colors of autumn leaves turning brighter each day, especially on our walks to the park. Speaking of parks, I wanted to share a little about our day at Morikoro Park during the K3 Camp. 

こんにちは!だんだんと寒くなり、季節の移ろいを感じるようになりました。公園への散歩では、葉の色が明るい色に変わるのをお子様達と楽しんでいます。本日は、K3 キャンプ中のモリコロパークでの 1 日について紹介します。

As we said goodbye to our parents in the parking lot, we felt very excited, and a little nervous about what it would be like to meet so many new friends from other schools. Carly practiced different questions we could ask our new friends on the bus.



When we arrived, we got paired with friends from Anjo and Okazaki. We saw some familiar faces! The walk from the bus to the woods was long, but we were entertained by singing songs, chatting with our friends, making up silly chants, telling stories, and playing I-Spy. 


Our first adventure was walking hand in hand with our new friend through the woods. We listened for the spirit of the forest to guide our path, just like in the Morizo and Kiccoro story! We looked for items on our scavenger hunt, and talked about whether Totoro might be sleeping somewhere in the woods. There was something interesting at every turn! The students were excited to duck under the webs of the giant spiders, but the teachers were a little scared. 


After our walk, we took time to draw our favorite thing we spotted in the forest. By then, we started feeling hungry, so we made our way to a big open field and ate lunch with our new friends. We played a soccer game of teachers vs. students. The teachers were fast, but the students were faster! The game ended in student victory. 


After our game, we headed to our last adventure, a huge indoor play area! We walked up the spiral staircase, and from the top, we could see the whole park! It was a little scary to walk up though, because of how tall it was! So when we felt too scared, there were other fun areas to explore. At the end, we gathered to say goodbye to our friends and headed back to the bus. 


On our ride home, we talked about our favorite parts of the day and recounted on everything we learned! We still had lots of energy on our way back. It will always be a cherished day we’ll remember with lots of smiles and laughs.